Hogwarts Magic At Home

Welcome witches, wizards and muggles to my blog. Here is a peek of some of our Harry Potter merchandise. We have collected the books from charity shops and online as we wanted the original editions in hardbacks. Now they are complete it’s time to read whilst listening to the music tracks playing on vinyl.  It would be so good to read whist eating a chocolate frog and enjoy some butterbeer – yum!

The potion bottles were £2 from Banardos and we applied the stickers which were provided in the Film Wizardry book we purchased from The making of Harry Potter – Studio tour in London (which was amaaaazing).

I only use the Elder Wand in emergencies 😉

My Favourite wall of the house, featuring the Elder Wand! The pictures my creative husband put together using the pull-outs from the Film Wizardry book.

We have some door mats from HMV, by the front door we have one with the wording “ALOHOMORA” and inside the porch we have another which reads “Welcome to Hogwarts”.  I love them, but they are looking a bit worn to get a decent photo, so below are pictures from HMV website.

🤓Love these!

So, I thought my first blog post should be magical and hopefully I have delivered (ideally it would have been brought by an owl). You now have an insight of our crazy and slightly geeky lives. If your a fellow potterhead comment bellow.

Jaimi x


When I wear one of these t-shirts or my dressing gown I truly feel like i’m a student of Hogwarts.


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