DIY Apple Pom Pom

So it’s July and My daughter Mia will be finishing playschool soon (ahh I’m not sure I am ready for the next milestone – even though she is more than ready). So… I have been thinking of ideas to give to the playschool assistants to say thank-you.
Mia wants to make biscuits, so I am planning to bake some and put in a glass jar (if she doesn’t eat them all), but I wanted to give it more of a personal touch. I am going to make a personalised key-ring/ key-chain with an apple pom pom! So cute!

Today’s blog is just showing you how I have made the apple pom pom as I have literally just finished them, and i will update my blog when I have made the personalised part of the key-ring and the biscuits.

Firstly, I find making pom poms much easier using a pom pom maker. The set I have is similar to this one from Hobbycraft:
I used to make a template from cardboard before purchasing the proper pom pom makers, but I find now it is a lot quicker and less faffing  about.

Things you’ll need

  • Pom Pom maker – (I used the smallest one from my set
  • Red wool
  • Brown wool or waxed cotton (I used waxed cotton as it will be stronger on the key-ring)
  • Green felt
  • Glue (this is to stick the leaf to the pom pom – I used my glue gun)
  • Scissors
  • Key-ring/ Key-chain

How to make this adorable apple pom pom


Wrap the wool around both halves of the pom pom maker.


Cut the wool between both halves.



Place your brown wool or waxed cotton between the 2 halves – where you have just cut. Pull tight and tie a knot here as this knot will keep all the wool together.


Ta-da!! The exciting moment where the pom pom is revealed. You can shape it by snipping into more an apple shape if you like but its not needed. You can now cut out a small green leaf shape from the felt and glue in place.

Apple Pom Pom

The Finished Adorable Apple Pom Pom!

All you need to do now is attach to the key-ring and your finished. These were so much fun to make. Remember to keep checking my blog as I will be making the personalised part of key-ring to attach the apple to soon. You can subscribe and I you’ll receive an email when I write new blogs. Comment if this was helpful or you need any help with making this cute fruit.

Jaimi x


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