Summer Holiday Activity – Mermaid & Unicorn Bunting

So, the summer holidays are here – yay! It means more time to have fun and do crafts with my daughter Mia. We have been writing a list of activities and themed days we want to do and I will be blogging about them as they happen. There will be a few book and film related ones like Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Today, we made mermaid and unicorn bunting for Mia’s room. This was more of a spontaneous activity as wasn’t one of the 100’s we put on the list but that is usually how it works here. I have sooo many hobbies but I’m a master at none of them as my mind is always so excited to try new things.

We bought the cardboard shapes from Poundworld, but if you have card and time you could make a stencil and cut them out yourself. The packs also contained glittery stickers, feathers and tissue paper in a variety of colours.

I was genuinely really excited designing my mermaid and unicorn. I restricted myself to only doing one of each as I’d end up doing them all and the whole point was for Mia to have a decoration that she had made.

2345DIY mermaid & unicorn bunting7

So, these are hanging proudly in Mia’s room, the glitter sparkling as the sun bounces off them. They are quite close together as I only had 1m of ribbon, so it might be worth purchasing 2m or using 1 or 2 less figures. I also saw in Poundland they had girl and boy shaped cut- outs. I might invite my Niece and Nephews over for a play session – I’m predicting they’ll be turned into superheros and princesses.

If you found this helpful or you know someone who would like to make this, please share or comment below.

Take care,

Jaimi x



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