Upcycle Project – Decoupage Drawers Using Gift Wrapping Paper

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Hello! Today I had planned to do a lot of house work 🙄.. but anything sounds more appealing to me. I like that quote I keep seeing everywhere “Excuse the mess – my family are making memories” It’s usually tidy by bedtime but we all like to be creative in my house, so it involves lots of crafts, toys etc.

So instead of putting my rubber gloves on..I had a light bulb moment💡. I looked at my Daughter’s drawers which were looking very tatty and then spotted some gift wrap and then got excited about decoupaging them (It’s sad I know, but I really do mean excited😀).

I already had 3 roles of gift wrap; 2 with unicorns on and 1 with a colourful zigzag pattern. These were leftover from what Mia (my daughter) had picked for my presents in June and we had used for other girls in the family since then. Luckily there was just enough to cover her drawers. You can save used paper for this if you like the pattern and even layer it.

What I used:

  • Some old drawers that my mum was going to throw out, so I rescued a few years ago.
  • Water based matt varnish from Wilko,  it’s non yellowing ,a good price and I use it for lots of my projects as its hard-wearing.
  • 2 Paint brushes, 1 to brush on the glue and one for the varnish.
  • Craft knife (I purchased a great little kit a few weeks ago from Lidl and was about £3 with lots of different blades).
  • PVA Glue (I bought 1 litre for £2 from www.craftycrocodiles.co.uk about 3 years ago and still using it after lots of crafts).
  • Left over gift wrapping paper.

3 (2)4 (2)5 (2)6 (2)Decopage

I am so pleased with these. They are under Mia’s mid-sleeper bed so it was difficult to find replacement units that fit. I like to reuse where I can so combining the old drawers and leftover paper, we now have fresh look to Mia’s taste.

What paper design would you choose? Do you like to upcycle? Comment below and let me know 😊

Jaimi xx


29 thoughts on “Upcycle Project – Decoupage Drawers Using Gift Wrapping Paper

  1. Kerri says:

    So cute! I would have loved this in my room as a kid! I did a similar project as a grown up with solid white textured paper and clear plastic drawers. Love up-cycling!


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