The Power of Amber

I have been wearing an amber bracelet daily since January and I am hooked! I am now wearing 4 24/7. My most recent one arrived this morning (unpolished dark cherry – it looks great against the others). I really love the look of Baltic amber jewellery, it doesn’t irritate my skin like the usual alloys.


From Left to right: Dark cherry, rainbow (colours lighten as they go round to the back), honey, multi.

I remember reading about all the potential benefits a few years ago, the main one that stood out was to ease teething pain for babies. I wanted to purchase one for my daughter but as I like to do lots of research especially when in comes to my child’s health, she had all her teeth by the time I was sold on the idea.

Amber is a fossilised tree resin and is usually yellow/orange in colour but there are a few variations. Genuine Baltic Amber contains a natural healing agent called succinic. Apparently, it’s said that the succinic is released by your body heat and absorbed into the body.

Many claim amber can even relieve the pain if you have arthritis or rheumatism and other aches and pains. Some people wear necklaces for headaches and for sore throats. The main reason I wanted one for myself was I read that Baltic amber is also aids anxiety, which is something I have suffered from in the past.

Earlier this year we both bought our first one each and both of us love them. My daughter Mia, calls hers her magic calming bracelet. She recently misplaced hers and was devastated, but she’s OK now as it has been replaced with a rainbow one 🌈. She’s see’s them as a friendship bracelet for us both which is cute.


‘Pot of Gold’ Amber And Semi-Precious Stones

I can’t write that I know for sure that all the claims of healing is fact, but I haven’t met anyone who wears amber having any negative reaction. I welcome anything into my life that may have a positive effect on my family’s health and well-being.

Click here to get 10% off Amber Pumpkin. This company have been recommended by many and the only place I would purchase from as they are genuine Baltic amber and great customer service. They also ship worldwide.

Do you think you’ll consider trying amber to see if it has any affect on you? Let me know what colour you chose if you purchased one..or more like me 😄 comment below.

Jaimi xx



24 thoughts on “The Power of Amber

  1. Sophia Whitham says:

    Oh i’ve always been interested in the properties of different metals, stones and gems. I’ve never worn amber but it sounds like something I’d like to try xx

    Sophia x


  2. Lashaun says:

    I’ve been wearing stones about 2 years now and definitely seen a difference in my life. My daughter’s wear amber and my favorite is tigers eye. Its a whole ‘nother world lol.


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