‘Blogger Recognition Award 2017’ Acceptance

I feel so blessed to have been nominated for this award, just to know someone has read something I have written and enjoyed it. It is a lovely idea to get bloggers to look and appreciate fellow bloggers work and share the love rather than compete.

The Rules:
The Bloggers Recognition Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers.  It’s a wonderful way to show that there are other bloggers who enjoy and appreciate your hard work!  If you have been nominated and choose to accept the award you must follow these rules.

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

  • Write a post to show the award.

  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.

  • Give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers

  • Nominate 15 other bloggers you want to pass this award to.

  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

Firstly, I would like to thank Jenna from homespunposh.com for reading my blog and nominating me. I was actually at a kids party when my phone pinged – it was Jenna saying that she had nominated so I had to contain my excitement ☺️. I haven’t been blogging long so it has given me a nice little boost to keep going – I really appreciate it. Jenna has a great blog which features her art skills in different forms from painting furniture to flower arranging – very talented!

How I started

People had suggested to me that I should have my own blog for a few years as I have so many hobbies and interests. Funnily enough, I’m not a big fan of social media for various reasons but love networking with similar minded people. There are a couple of bloggers in my family who love writing and my husband said I should give it a try. I have so much passion for learning new things and skills. Hopefully, Blogging will encourage me to finish my many projects and share them hoping someone may find the tutorials useful, so, win-win! I like the idea of having an Etsy or Ebay shop in the future selling something creative and hopefully that would link well with my blog. My daughter always picks daisies and puts them in my pockets which is the story behind my page name. pocketsfullofdaisies.co.uk

Advice to New Bloggers

I am a new-ish blogger myself so I will try my best..

Get a note book (old school haha) and jot down any ideas that pop into your head and really visualise how you want your blog to look and what experience you want the reader to have when visiting.

Write about what YOU are passionate about and not what everyone else is blogging about, don’t be afraid of adding your own personality.

Finally, my nominees are..

https://pipstips.co.uk/when-the-suns-out-put-sun-in-in/ – A witty outlook on everyday life.

https://hippieinlippy.wordpress.com/ – Every post is literally poetry!

https://breakthefog.com/ – Healthy recipes and positive lifestyle.

https://www.thecountdownto60.com/ – “Authentic, raw, honest” outlook on life in her 50’s

https://theadventuresofstine.com/  -Lifestyle bodybuilder blog

http://www.alicia-a-la-mode.com/ – Beauty, fashion & lifestyle blog

http://www.dorkface.co.uk – Artist lifestyle blogger with amazing creations on Etsy

http://growingfamily.co.uk – Home & Garden Family blogger

https://lifeloveanddirtydishes.com – Parenting Blog

https://lizziearkell.com – Singer Lifestyle Blog

https://www.danielle-louise.com -Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Blogger

http://www.travelsizetips.com/blog/ – Travel Blogger

https://goingwithhappy.com – Wellness Lifestyle Blogger

https://rosieslifexo.com – Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

www.thelondongeek.co.uk – Lifestyle & Culture Geek Blogger

I’m looking forward to reading your acceptance posts! Congratulations everyone!


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